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We understand the challenges with migration. Let's prepare a no-cost dedicated roadmap for you.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Your company is using AWS Cloud, but it's grappling with high costs or not receiving the expected value from the Cloud solutions.
Your company identifies a significant distance to cover in reaching the desired level of Cloud maturity.
Perhaps you are after first migrations and want to draw a roadmap towards being Cloud First.
Your company expects growth in the application estate.
Companies with a lack of strategic alignment in going Cloud First or/and understanding of what the modernization process looks like.

Our Experts

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Mateusz Gawino

Cloud Architect
Mateusz is a Cloud Architect with a software engineering background and expert certifications in all major clouds - AWS, Azure and GCP.

Proficiency in architecture design, migration planning, cost estimation and data modeling allows him to work with clients focused on their challenges and needs.
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Marcin Grzesiek

Head of Cloud Services
Marcin is an experienced manager with over 15 years of experience in providing professional services to customers in various industries. His focus is on helping customers navigate their cloud journey with a deep understanding that each organization needs to develop its own, unique path. Marcin's customer-centric approach is a driving force behind his work, always striving for the success of his clients. He is dedicated to optimizing their costs and finding the most effective solutions to facilitate their journey or expansion in the cloud.

We can't do it for you, but we can help with the first step



  • Leave us contact

  • Cloud Consultant will reach out to arrange the workshop



  • Workshop facilitated by Cloud Architect

  • Cloud maturity and pain points mapping

  • Understand roadmap building blocks that drive value

  • Roadmap prototyping for your organization



  • Modernization roadmap for your organization

  • Workshop record with further reading recommendations

  • Cloud Maturity Assessment

  • Options for AWS funds for modernization

  • Next steps on your modernization journey

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