Semantive is a trusted independent provider of multi-cloud services. Our mission is to empower enterprises to establish strong foundations for future growth by enabling successful cloud transformations. As a reliable partner, we guide our clients throughout their entire cloud journey, from strategy and architecture design to migration and management.

Our cloud services for enterprises

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Cloud strategy

Optimize your cloud environment, reduce costs, and drive business transformation with Semantive's data-driven Cloud Strategy service.
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Cloud-Native App Development

Build modern applications in the cloud with agility and scalability.
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Accelerate your software development and deployment process with Semantive's AWS-focused DevOps services.
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Cloud Migration

Navigate Complex Transitions: On-Premise to Cloud and Inter-Cloud Migrations.
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Efficiency through flexibility

Throughout the process, we act as both consultants and implementers, ensuring the work on the most effective solution.


Semantive's team of cloud experts offers deep industry knowledge and technical proficiency, providing customized strategies and tailored solutions for business success.

Comprehensive Solutions

Semantive offers end-to-end services for the entire cloud journey, covering various cloud technologies to ensure the right solution for your business.

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Our team of experts is ready to partner with you to drive innovation, accelerate business growth, and achieve tangible results.

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Tech Stack

Meet our experts!

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Mikołaj Pastuszka

Cloud Consultant
Meet Mickey, your dedicated Cloud Consultant at Semantive. Beyond the dynamic tech environment, Mickey finds joy in leisurely strolls, captivating music, and stimulating reads. Within the Growth Team at Semantive, Mickey takes the lead in shaping strategies, implementing tactics, and ensuring seamless execution. His impressive track record speaks volumes, showcasing his proficiency in driving revenue growth and cultivating thriving startups.
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Marcin Grzesiek

Head of Cloud Services
Marcin is an experienced manager with over 15 years of experience in providing professional services to customers in various industries. His focus is on helping customers navigate their cloud journey with a deep understanding that each organization needs to develop its own, unique path. Marcin's customer-centric approach is a driving force behind his work, always striving for the success of his clients. He is dedicated to optimizing their costs and finding the most effective solutions to facilitate their journey or expansion in the cloud.

AWS Cloud Services by Semantive

Get support and build new foundations for future growth through successful cloud transformation and breadth of expertise in applying cloud technologies to unlock new possibilities.

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How do you calculate the price?

We adjust prices individually to our clients. When quoting, we take into consideration 4 major factors: the time and scope of contract, amount of the people to be hired, specific technological competencies and finally seniority of the team. We are known for high quality when our prices are highly competitive.

Contact us via the form and we will create an ideal offer for your business.

What types of cloud technologies does Semantive specialize in?

Semantive specializes in various cloud technologies, including public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

How can Semantive help my business with cloud transformation?

Semantive can assist your business with successful cloud transformation through its expertise in cloud strategy, architecture design, migration, and management.

What industries does Semantive serve with its cloud services?

Semantive serves a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, energy, finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more, with its comprehensive cloud services.

What sets Semantive apart from other cloud service providers?

Semantive stands out from other cloud service providers with its deep expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence, delivering innovative solutions for businesses.

Can Semantive assist with both public and private cloud environments?

Yes, Semantive can provide assistance with both public and private cloud environments, depending on the specific requirements of your business.

Who we can support?

Enterprise Corporations

Easy scaling of applications and infrastructure, rapid deployment of new functionality and services, minimization of costs and time, high availability, and assurance of data and infrastructure security.
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Small and Medium Enterprises

Adapt to changing business needs and compete with larger companies, while reducing costs and minimising the risks associated with investing in in-house IT solutions.
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Small company

Medium companies

Count on time and cost savings, flexible application and infrastructure management, and access to the latest technology.
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