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Revolutionizing Engagement Delivery: How Our Dedicated Delivery Team Cut Onboarding Time in Half

Efficiency is crucial in today's fast-paced business world. A reliable team of experts who can meet client and project needs within the desired timeframe, without interruptions or delays, is essential for success, but building and managing such a team can be challenging. Adopting a fail-fast methodology can also be challenging but is necessary to avoid wasting the client's time and resources. When Cluster Reply Germany was no longer satisfied with the quality of cooperation with hired freelancers, Semantive stepped in to provide experience, knowledge, and expertise.

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Cluster Reply Germany

Cluster Reply is a dynamic consulting and systems integrator that specializes in Microsoft technologies. With a strong focus on innovation, they have remained at the forefront of the industry's evolution, transitioning from on-premises to cloud-based solutions. Their expertise spans across various solution areas, including Modern WoWorkplaces Business Applications, Applications, and Infrastructure, Data, and AI, enabling them to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions to their clients.


The Cluster Reply’s automotive client project was a significant undertaking, which posed a considerable challenge for the Delivery Team. With limited resources within the organization, the team struggled to keep up with the demands of maintenance projects and analysis, leading to an unsustainable workload. To address this issue, the team turned to hiring freelancers. However, this solution proved to be ineffective, resulting in increased overhead costs due to additional onboarding processes and management, as well as a lack of stability within the team. Additionally, project delays would have resulted in potential business losses, making the challenge even harder.


Semantive provided a Dedicated Delivery Team with Cloud Engineers (Azure, .NET) and Front-end Developers (React/Angular.JS), matched with client both in terms of technical skills and culture fit. The team was onboarded effectively, enabling the client to see the results of cooperation as soon as possible. To support the project, its continuity, and its high level of service, Semantive offered Cluster Reply expertise in Delivery Management.


The client got a dedicated team of skilled professionals who delivered the project within the specified timeframe and requirements. The onboarding process was streamlined, resulting in a 50% reduction in time, thanks to the effective implementation of Semantive's dedicated team and the expertise of Delivery Management.

What made this solution successful was Semantive's proactive approach and use of the fail-fast methodology.

Rather than blindly proceeding with one approach, the team created multiple hypotheses and quickly verified them to find the most effective approach. Therefore Semantive was able to save time and resources while maintaining a strong partnership with the client. The team's expertise in relevant technologies allowed them to quickly test and iterate on solutions, resulting in a successful project outcome. This approach ensured that the team had a deep understanding of the client's business needs, leading to a strong partnership and successful project delivery.

/ Continuous high-level project implementation
/ Support of Consulting Manager
/ Fail-fast system of work to prevent any failure
/ Team dedicated to meet your project needs performing from the day one

Where time, the right team and the approach to the project make all the difference in customer satisfaction with project delivery

A successful business requires delivering value to customers within a specific timeframe. Building and maintaining a team of in-house and freelance experts can be challenging, leading to project delays and a loss of client trust. The traditional approach to product development involves an extensive preparation phase to eliminate errors, but this can result in incorrect assumptions and potential problems.

Working in a fail-fast method means having a team of proactive experts who quickly identify and resolve any issues. With a dedicated team focused on your needs, you can concentrate on achieving your goals and achieving success. Partnering with an experienced team minimizes problems during project implementation, leading to faster delivery and customer satisfaction.

“On a partnership level, our cooperation was very trustful and we brought value out of that - for us and our customers.”

Dirk Grüter
Manager in Cluster Reply Germany
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Right people are the key

The project was successfully completed within the specified time frame and met the client's expectations. This was made possible by assembling a team of experts with relevant experience and skills who were seamlessly onboarded into the project. A dedicated Consulting Manager provided technical expertise and support to ensure a smooth and efficient process. The use of a fail-fast approach allowed the team to quickly identify and resolve any issues, ensuring efficient project delivery. The team's high-quality work, proactivity, and cultural fit contributed to the project's success.

What’s next?

The customer knows they can rely on Semantive regarding bringing in expertise and a great collaboration model based on trust, feedback, and continuous improvement. The focus of partnership is the joint creation of value for our client’s stakeholders and their businesses.

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