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Unlock the potential of GenAI on AWS for your business. Drive innovation, efficiency, and growth. We can guide you through the implementation journey and take your business to the next level.

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Being a Manager today isn't easy with all the changes brought by Generative AI. It's tough to juggle daily tasks and figure out how AI can help your company, understand the possibilities it offers and make sure you have the competencies to implement it. At Semantive, we understand your situation and we're here to make things easier. It's crucial for any ambitious business to stay competitive and be productive. We can guide you through the Generative AI on AWS implementation journey and take your business to the next level.

How we can help you

GenAI on AWS

Developing a tailored strategy to leverage generative AI on AWS for optimized performance and innovation.

Amazon Bedrock implementation

Deploying and fine-tuning models with Amazon Bedrock, ensuring secure and efficient AI integration.

GenAI on AWS

Guidance on implementing and maximizing generative AI solutions on AWS to meet your business goals.

Benefits of GenAI on AWS


AWS offers top price performance for training and inference using custom CPUs and various GPUs, achieving 40-50% better price performance than competitors. This ensures cost-effective, optimized performance for scaling generative AI models and solving business challenges.

AWS offers the flexibility to choose from various foundational models, including custom, open-source, pre-trained, and fine-tuned options. This ensures you have the right tools for optimal price and performance tailored to your specific needs.

AWS ensures data security with Bedrock, a serverless service for model fine-tuning using your data while keeping it private. Your data remains your intellectual property, is not used to train AWS models, and is never shared with third parties, ensuring secure customization for your machine learning needs.
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Discover the possibilities of Generative AI

Explore how generative AI can transform your business.

GenAI solutions


AI-powered chatbots can provide real-time assistance to gamers, answering queries, providing tips, and enhancing overall gaming experience.

Customer Service

Generative AI can generate responses for frequently asked questions and populate knowledge bases with relevant information, improving customer support efficiency and user satisfaction.

Natural Language & Search

AI algorithms can analyze natural language queries and provide accurate search results, enhancing user experience and enabling seamless navigation within gaming environments and sports platforms.
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How GenAI can benefit your business

Enhancing customer experience
You can use generative AI to improve customer experience through faster-delivered and more personalized content, increasing customer satisfaction.

Boosting employee productivity
You can boost your employees’ productivity with generative AI by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, giving them more time to focus on crucial work. 

Improving business operations
You can use generative AI to improve business operations through automation and to make smart data-driven decisions thanks to its ability to analyze large datasets and provide insights.

GenAI use cases across industries

Energy and Utilities

Maintenance and Safety: AI predicts maintenance needs and identifies safety hazards from sensor data, ensuring reliability and safety.

Trading Insights: AI analyzes market data to identify trading opportunities, risks, and market dynamics for informed decisions.

Regulatory and Compliance: AI automates compliance monitoring, ensuring standards adherence and flagging violations with corrective actions.


Process optimization: AI models scenarios to find the most efficient production processes.

Preventative maintenance: predictive analysis reduces machine downtimes and boosts efficiency.


Pricing optimization: AI models pricing scenarios to maximize profits.

Store layout optimization: AI designs efficient store layouts to boost sales.

Financial services

Fraud detection: AI improves fraud detection by simulating money-laundering patterns.

Portfolio management: AI simulates market scenarios for robust investment portfolios.

Debt collection: AI generates effective communication strategies for debt collection.

Media and entertainment

Content generation: AI creates scripts, dialogues, and stories for films, TV shows, and games.

News generation: AI generates news articles or summaries based on raw data or events.


Medical imaging: AI enhances, reconstructs, or generates medical images for accurate diagnosis.
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GenAI use cases across departments

Customer support

You can enhance the customer support department with GenAI through chatbots, virtual assistants and AI-powered contact centers.


You can turbocharge the marketing department with GenAI by automating campaign and content creation of all types (text, images, animations, video and music).

Software development

You can increase developers productivity with GenAI through code development assistants that generate code suggestions, help with debugging and code optimization.

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