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Why do fast growing businesses like WeNet Group need a technology partner?

Being number one in the local market, among many others, requires high operational proficiency and elasticity. WeNet’s core business processes are supported by an internally built, highly customizable, complex CRM system. Having in mind ambitious goals and nearing the completion of new acquisitions (which were successfully finalized shortly thereafter), WeNet Group invited Semantive as a technology partner to make sure that technology will continue to support the business in the stage of rapid growth.

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WeNet Group

WeNet Group is one of the largest Internet marketing companies in Poland. For 30 years they have been helping businesses to build their online presence and grow. WeNet’s services include creating websites and online stores, and promoting them through SEO and Google Ads campaigns.


Being on a rapid growth path, WeNet's IT team needed the analysis and evaluation of their infrastructure and main IT system for managing processes as they expected a boost of usage. They wanted to know if the system could handle the new business needs and still work reliably.

Key areas to explore included:

  • System performance inefficiencies
  • System scalability and adaptability to future growth
  • Software delivery life cycle for multiple concurrent changes 
  • Development environment consistency and process automation
  • Integration with external systems


After an initial discovery session, our team consisting of a Cloud Architect and a Technical Project Manager proposed a tailored scope of the system architecture and SDLC assessment. 

Through a series of workshops with tech and business stakeholders, as well as an audit of infrastructure, source code and documentation, we provided comprehensive reports containing as-is state description, risks logs, and short- and long-term recommendations for the WeNet team. 

The scope of the audit included discovering what needs to be done to make sure the system is future-proof and will adapt to the rapid growth of users and processes handled. As a result, we have identified specific modernization stages to adapt the system to modern architecture:

  • Enhancing Performance: through comprehensive analysis, we pinpointed performance bottlenecks to address. 
  • Architectural Recommendations: a thorough examination of system components facilitated tailored architecture recommendations, ensuring scalability and adaptability.
  • Refining SDLC: we identified bottlenecks and defined recommendations for improvement in the way the system is being developed, to make sure time to market is minimized and continuous improvement strategies are in place. 
  • API Integration Optimization: we navigated the complexities of integrating with external APIs, streamlining processes to drive organizational growth and efficiency.


This cooperation delivered 3 key outcomes for WeNet Group:

  1. Independent and comprehensive as-is state assessment provided better visibility for organization and played a vital role in defining business priorities, thus helping WeNet Group to make more informed decisions.  
  2. Actionable short-term recommendations for immediate results - implementing them resulted in improved performance and security posture. 
  3. Long-term recommendations and directions for the development roadmap helped WeNet Group decide what to put on the roadmap to address future needs.

Optimization followed by quality

In the journey towards optimizing WeNet's system, one crucial element emerged as the linchpin of success: the right people. With Semantive's team of adept professionals at the helm, equipped with specialized skills and expertise, WeNet found the guiding force needed to navigate their complex challenges.

/ Team equipped with specialized skills
/ Infrastructure challenges recognized and addressed
/ Acting as integral partners, not just a vendor

Right people are the key

The right people, in this context, are not merely individuals with technical prowess, but strategic partners who understand the intricacies of WeNet's operations and possess the acumen to tailor solutions accordingly. Semantive's application architect and senior technical project manager exemplified this pivotal role, orchestrating a meticulous diagnosis of challenges and devising bespoke strategies to address them.

Working with Semantive has been a highly positive experience. Their in-depth technical knowledge and proactive approach have resulted in outstanding outcomes for our company. What distinguishes Semantive is their transparency and reliability as a trusted partner. I highly recommend them!

Maciej Stolarski
AI Officer & PMO Director at WeNet Group
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Openness for innovation

Moreover, the right people fostered a collaborative environment wherein insights flowed freely, ideas were exchanged, and innovative approaches were embraced. Semantive's team didn't just offer solutions; they became integral partners in WeNet's quest for operational excellence.

What’s next?

Initial engagement paved the way for close cooperation between WeNet Group and Semantive as technology advisor. That resulted in engaging Semantive in the due diligence process during acquisition transaction, assessments of consecutive systems architectures and support in modernization efforts of the main system.

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