Adoption of Spacelift in your organization within just 4 weeks.

Spacelift streamlines DevOps workflows with its collaborative automation platform for infrastructure as code. Integrated with major cloud providers, it boosts productivity, automates tasks, and ensures compliance. As part of our partnership, we offer a Spacelift implementation service.

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Adoption process

/ 01 Discovery

Assessment of the current IaC adoption to align expectations and identify areas for improvement with Spacelift.

Duration: 1 week

/ 02 Spacelift implementation

Setting up core security measures, access management, and organizational structuring tailored to the client's needs.

Duration: 1 week

/ 03 Pilot and team enablement

Conducting a pilot and team enablement process. This involves piloting the solution with one team, gathering feedback, and making necessary adjustments.

Duration: 1 week

/ 04 Defining the roll out strategy

Defining the rollout strategy, establishing standards, and educating teams. Ensuring seamless integration and understanding across the organization.

Duration: 1 week

Benefits of implementation with Semantive

Faster adoption of Spacelift in your organization.
Higher ROI on IaC investment through accelerated team enablement.
Core setup of Spacelift as IaC that follows best practices.
Foundation setup that can be built upon and scaled.
Security: a safe and compliant implementation.
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Benefits of Spacelift

Set Up & Manage Complex Cloud & Hybrid On Prem Environments

Manage Infrastructure Related Grc & Security Protocols  

Do More With Fewer Engineering Team Members 


Migrate Workloads & Data Stores To Cloud With Any Infrastructure As Code Tools 


Get To Market Faster! 

Keep everyone shipping fast with precise guardrails that you control

Gain complete control and speed with the Open Policy Agent (OPA), allowing you to design guardrails and gateways for development teams. This ensures a secure and confident deployment of applications on any IaC backend or cloud. Embrace flexibility through Role-Based security policies, custom approval flows, and versatile git flow support, enabling you to build tailored pipelines and intricate event-driven workflows with ease.

Key use cases

Achieve Terraform at Scale

/ Self-service infrastructure
/ CI/CD for Private Module Registry

CI/CD for Infrastructure

/ Automate Infrastructure Builds
/ Support Developer Choice
/ Introduce Guardrails and Audit Capabilities

Drift Detection

/ Drift Detection Runs
/ Reconciliation Jobs
/ Policy Input
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Increase productivity


Reduction in customers’ repetitive development tasks 


Increase in speed for cloud environments’ configuration


Decrease of security & compliance issues for critical Infrastructure

Find out how Spacelift enabled FinTech company to scale to over 500 deployments per day

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Spacelift and Semantive

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