How Spacelift enabled FinTech company to scale to over 500 deployments per day

A leading global payments partner for numerous brands, strategically focuses on performance, scalability, and reliability. To enhance their Infrastructure as Code (IaC) implementation, they transitioned from an open-source automation server solution to Spacelift, a specialized IaC management tool.

Why Spacelift?

According to Engineering Director, the decision to choose Spacelift was based on several factors, including pricing and cultural alignment. The owner-operator model at the company, with numerous small, self-organized product teams, required a tool. Spacelift's pricing model, synchronized with usage, supported their growth ambitions and proved to be cost-effective.

The cultural fit between the company and Spacelift was crucial. Both companies shared an ambitious, fast-moving, problem-solving mindset, fostering a partnership rather than a transactional relationship. The client’s team, impressed by Spacelift's configurability and reliability, seamlessly integrated the platform into their workflows.


In terms of impact, Spacelift empowered client teams to work autonomously, even for individuals unfamiliar with IaC. The platform's self-sufficiency contributed to a streamlined and efficient workflow. The company is moving towards consolidating its tools programmatically, leveraging Spacelift for IaC to enable teams to focus on building services without the burden of managing infrastructure.

From a compliance standpoint, adhering to PCI regulations, highlighted Spacelift's reliability and traceability, ensuring a secure environment for cardholder data. The platform's ability to stamp run IDs into AWS session IDs facilitates end-to-end traceability for security and compliance.


In conclusion, the company’s adoption of Spacelift has resulted in increased autonomy, streamlined workflows, and efficient infrastructure management, aligning with their focus on scalability and performance. Spacelift's cultural alignment, cost-effectiveness, and configurability make it a valuable asset for client’s IaC strategy.