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How we reduced data analysis time by 95% for this leading hydrogen company

Hydrogen infrastructure is highly sensitive and mission-critical. Fast analysis with robust predictions means millions in savings. Our client was preparing to expand into new markets and they needed a solution in record time. Here’s how we did it.

in data analysis time
Engineering team
ready in 2 weeks
Human error
completely eliminated
100% commitment delivery on time
Reduced onboarding time by 50%
Expertise in Delivery Management

About LIFTE H2

/  Global fast growing hydrogen  infrastructure development company
/  Team of 40 people
/  Building projects globally


Lifte H2


They were growing at record speeds and new markets were vital to fuel this growth. But expansion was slow, as analysis was overly dependent on staff and data was scatte red over multiple files.


We deployed a Cloud Development team in 2 weeks, automating their data analysis in just 2 months. Speed was crucial for them. Reply times averaged 1-2 days (instead of the usual 2 weeks practiced by most in the industry). We walked them through the development process, so their team could modify the end solution to new scenarios in the future.


Analysis is 95% faster and human error was reduced by 99%. The improved decision-making speed is saving them weeks of engineering work, meaning more savings and accelerated expansion into new markets.

Where bad calls mean millions in losses.

That’s the nature of the hydrogen sector. But when you’re one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry, you can’t afford it.

Data analysis was key, and it was slowing the company down. Engineering deadlines were constantly postponed since processes for analyzing incoming data were inefficient and overly dependent on staff.

Adding to that, data was greatly decentralized. All these issues created a big bottleneck on our clients' daily operations. We had to fix it - and fast.

/ Flexibility in scaling and descaling
/ End-to-end project delivery
/ Team dedicated to diving into domain knowledge.

Timing was crucial.
So we shipped in 2 weeks

They knew these delays were costing millions and hindering their expansion to new markets. They demanded a solution as quickly as possible.

And we delivered, with a fully certified Cloud Development team ready in just 2 weeks. Work began in restructuring the existing analytical workflow to make it more robust. Our first priority was getting an MVP ready, and we did that in just 2 months - half the time it would take with their in-house team.

We had a person dedicated to learning all about the hydrogen sector. Thanks to this, our developers were able to quickly grasp advanced concepts of the industry related to finance and physics.

Proactive: Excellent. One of the greatest aspects of working with Semantive is how on top of the project management they are. They’re always one step ahead of us in anticipating future challenges and providing timely status.

Lifte H2
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Data-driven decisions made in hours, not weeks.

The ideal support for a fast-growing startup. Our client took 2 weeks to analyze data. Now? Less than 4 hours. They’re saving weeks in engineering time and human error in analysis is virtually non-existent.

And the full potential of this solution will be unleashed in the coming years. As the data flow grows, so too will the savings.

What’s next?

Our client keeps expanding at an ever-faster rate. When they need a second opinion on technical matters, we’re their go-to experts. And our tool will prove valuable for years to come.

Since the hydrogen industry is in hyper-growth, our client will save millions over the years in working hours, mistakes avoided, and better service to their customers.

Speed up your operations by 95%

By automating data analysis with custom software, you’ll decide swiftly and adapt faster to changing markets. We work with Fortune 500 companies and growing startups from the hydrogen and energy sectors to deliver end-to-end solutions that help them scale.

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