Dedicated Delivery Team for Cloud Development

Sourcing the technical skills you need to grow business on your own from the market may be difficult and expensive. Try our Dedicated Delivery Team, which will provide you with what you need while you can focus on business. Work with peace of mind, knowing that what we at Semantive are most concerned about is your satisfaction.

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What can we offer to your business?

what we do /
what we do /

Solutions to your technical challenges

We will put at your disposal a team of developers and cloud engineers with the skills, competences, and experience to assist you to quickly deliver projects. We employ talented experts who will provide you with the quality you are looking for.

Measurable efficiency and tangible cost savings

Our Dedicated Delivery Team will reduce your costs and speed up time to market. Our certified engineers are following best practices and are able to start work in no time. And because they are a close-knit team, you are not threatened by personnel fluctuations in your projects.

Alignment with your business goals

Our team knows how to put their technical expertise at the service of your business, so you can focus on growth strategy.

Similar things are said by everyone. What makes us different?

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We know how to focus on what's important
We focus on those technical skills and competencies that are relevant to your purposes.
Our teams are scalable
We quickly and seamlessly adapt the team to your requirements, whether they increase or decrease.
We put quality before profits
We are not afraid to devote more effort to deliver reliable service results to our clients
You are more than just a customer to us
We ensure full transparency of our engagement and our full commitment to achieve your business goals.
We're with you all the way
We will provide training, people development, recruitment, and support to your business. You can focus on your goals and achieve them easier with us.

If you are looking for a complete cloud solution check our Cloud Native Development offer.

We can support you with a variety of technologies

How we work with our clients?

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Discovery and assessment

To really be able to meet your needs, we need to really get to know you. In the first stage, we focus on getting to know your business, aligning goals together and presenting a strategy to deliver Dedicated Teams on time. The result is clarity on who should be involved and when, laying the foundation for a trusted relationship.


Ramping up the team

We will provide the right teams with the right technical skillset. We will ensure that there is a good work spirit, great attitude and engagement of team members. At all times we will act with your business needs in mind. Therefore you can rest assured that the entire process will run according to your expectations.


Delivery and management of Dedicated Delivery Team

Since our experts are not only specialists in technology, but are also truly business-oriented, we can provide you with much more than just writing code. Throughout our cooperation, we will focus on your business results and your satisfaction.

As your partners, we work to ensure that everything runs smoothly and any technical and business risks are minimized. We work as your partners, to make sure everything runs smoothly. We want to satisfy you with the quality of our work, by delivering on commitments and assisting you on moving business forward. We are also aware that once the work is completed, the customer cannot be left alone, therefore we are ready to provide you with ongoing support and advice.

Technology Fast 50 Awards financial times award Europe's fastest growing companies

”Proactive: Excellent. One of the greatest aspects of working with Semantive is how on top of the project management they are. They’re always one step ahead of us in anticipating future challenges and providing timely status.”

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case study
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why semantive /

Why Semantive?

Here are 4 reasons to work with our experts on any cloud project.
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01.  Dedicated cloud experts for your needs

We will provide a cloud engineering team, ready to support your operations. With a combination of business and technical expertise, we strive to establish long-term partnerships. All our engineers have certifications of leading cloud vendors, meaning best practices are always met.

02. Dedicated access to a pool of talents

We have a team of experienced cloud engineers ready to work on your project. Our pre-vetted, certified staff available quickly to support your business. And if you have very specific, hard to meet needs, we can still help, as we have capabilities to recruit from a wide set of talents across the European market. Therefore thanks to our experience and industry relations we are able to provide required talents according to your business and technical needs.

03.  Dedicated fully-flexible services

Looking for a dedicated team to handle your DevOps and Cloud Development needs? We will tailor solutions for your business and build on our unique resources and capabilities to help you scale your business. With over a decade of experience in the market, we provide a quick and reliable ramp-up to get your project moving.

04.  Dedicated team with agile approach

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get a cloud engineering team up and running? We provide you with all kinds of experts, Cloud Engineers, Software Architects, Scrum Masters and others. The agile approach allows us to quickly involve them in your projects.
why Poland /
why Poland /

01.  Highly skilled specialists

Polish programmers are among the best in the world. We are at the forefront when it comes to early learning of coding, and thanks to access to free education, approximately 70,000 Poles begin studying computer science. According to HackerRank, Polish developers rank 3rd in terms of success at popular programming contests and 5th in TopCoder.

02. Poland a data security powerhouse

Poland has been a serious player in the IT industry for a years, with a focus on data security and compliance. As an EU member state, Poland has introduced GDPR, and our close ties with the US allowed us to gain understanding of the needs of American partners. Outsourcing to Poland is a safe bet, especially when it comes to protecting your intellectual property and privacy.

03.  High level of work culture and personal ethic

The methods of managing organizations and processes in Poland are at the highest level. We can easily navigate in agile development and we feel personally responsible for the quality of our work. You can be sure that we will be culturally compatible, able to communicate and understand each other.

04.  Poland is Europe's top outsourcing destinations

Poland is the most popular outsourcing destination in all European countries. Our market has already been recognized by global companies such as Google, Intel and others. If you’re looking for professional, high quality IT services, outsourcing to Poland will allow you to achieve your business goals. Wherever you are based, outsourcing to Poland is a good idea.

Why should you choose Polish developers?


frequently asked question
What is the cost of the service? How do you calculate the price?

We adjust prices individually to our clients. When quoting, we take into consideration 4 major factors: the time and scope of contract, amount of the people to be hired, specific technological competencies and finally seniority of the team. We are known for high quality when our prices are highly competitive.

Contact us via the form and we will create an ideal offer for your business.

How do you manage to work in a different timezone?

In general our teams work around CET time zone, yet we organize work in a way that our and our customer's team working hours overlaps each day. We have a proven track record of successful project delivery for US based customers.

This allows us to communicate freely and effectively. Flexibility, mutual understanding and clear expectations are key to success, be sure to let us know about yours!

How can I be sure that your team will have the required skills? How do you verify this?

We employ the best specialists according to your needs and technical requirements. During the recruitment process, we run an extensive interview in which we check both the technical skills of the candidates and their culture fit.

Most of our engineers have AWS and Microsoft Azure certifications, meaning best practices are always met. You can be sure that the services we provide will be at the highest level.

We have a proven record of hiring for Fortune 500 list companies, our people have worked on their most challenging projects.

Can I interview team members before they join my team?

We are flexible in the recruitment process. You can either make a decision if you want to participate in this process or leave it to us.

Are you able to travel?

Our cooperation is mostly remote, but we can come to your company for the kick-off of the project and occasionally meet you if necessary

We know from our experience that such a solution gives the highest efficiency, saving money and, above all, time

What is your methodology / practice for software development?

At Semantive, we offer the best practices and qualified specialists which  are comfortable with agile methodologies, and above all, we are able to adapt to the needs of our customers.

 If your company has certain assumptions or requirements, tell us about it in advance, and we will certainly work out practices that we can use together.

How is IP creation and transfer treated?

IP is transferred to the customer based on a paid invoice for a given billing period.

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